Mr. Mujassum Butt

Business Advisor

Mr. Mujassum, a dynamic force in technology and investment, boasts over 18years of transformative leadership. Based in Dubai since 2006, he has orchestrated 40+ acquisitions and financing transactions exceeding $3B, leaving an indelible mark on the tech, real estate, and infrastructure sectors. Co-Founder of Blockchain Technology Capital, he achieved a historic listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in just 24 months. Mujassum's early career included foundational work in property management and the development of groundbreaking behavioural analytics software during university.

This tool, analyzing sentiments and opinions, propelled a Middle Eastern Human Capital Management firm to prominence. A strategic advisor to Fortune 500 companies, he actively shapes the automation of the white-collar economy. His diverse pursuits include active involvement in sports, training for a Half Ironman, and maintaining a vibrant lifestyle in Dubai with his family. Mujassum's visionary spirit, entrepreneurial acumen, and dedication to innovation position him as a trailblazer shaping the future of technology and strategic investment.