Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) manifests through a diverse range of symptoms, and recognizing these signs is vital for parents concerned about their child's development. If you observe any of these symptoms, it's crucial to discuss them with your doctor for a thorough assessment.

Signs in Pre-school Children

Spoken Language
  • Delayed speech development, such as using fewer than 10 words by age two;
  • Monotonous or flat speech with repeated phrases;
  • Limited use of single words instead of sentences.

Responding to Others
  • No response to their name being called;
  • Unusual reactions to cuddles, either rejecting or initiating them.

Interacting with Others
  • Lack of awareness of personal space;
  • Unusual intolerance of others entering their personal space;
  • Limited interest in typical activities like birthday parties;
  • Preference for solitary play.

Behavioral Signs
  • Unusual negativity when asked to do something by others;
  • Infrequent use of facial expressions or gestures during communication;
  • Avoidance of eye contact.

Signs in School-age Children

Spoken Language
  • Monotonous or flat speech using pre-learned phrases;
  • Difficulty understanding sarcasm, metaphors, or figures of speech;
  • Talking 'at' people rather than engaging in two-way conversations.

Responding to Others
  • Literal interpretation of speech;
  • Unusual negativity in response to requests.

Interacting with Others
  • Lack of understanding of social norms;
  • Limited interest in interacting with peers;
  • Struggling to form close friendships;
  • Inability to adapt speech to different social situations.

Behavioral Signs
  • Strong preference for familiar routines;
  • Upset by changes in routine;
  • Repetitive movements or play patterns;
  • Intense interest in specific subjects or activities;
  • Strong likes or dislikes of foods based on texture or color.